Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Closet Classics
Today's Closet Classic is Altered Images.
My favorite lyric of Miss Grogan-
"Dead Pop stars rotting in the studio
Pretty bodies every little girls dream...
Hello Hello
I'm back again
You can touch me but only for a moment
I am the poster on your wall..."
If you don't own the best of you should.
One of the best of the English early eighties....
I'm back and I'm ready to sound off.


Blogger chrishead1 said...

yep! One of the best of the best of all the Scottish bands. I had such a crush on Claire Grogan!! Have you ever heard their rerecording of Dead Pop Stars that was called Disco Pop Stars? It was a b-side to something I think... I remember as a kid (of course I still do it) rocking out in my room to the Happy Birthday 12" which has this CRAZY drum solo in the middle that goes on forever. It really drove my mom nuts. I think Altered Images and their big beats were one of the reasons I so quickly responded to BOL and YOUR big beats!! xxxooChris Young

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