Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hi Everybody!
I made it through the wilderness,
some how i made it thro oo oo ough!
Well you have to know that I am very pee shy Blogwise....
Hence the major GAP in transmissions.
As well, found out I was pregnant...hence the pregnancy PAUSE.
Well I'm back..So watch out!
In between the booby feedings and poopie diapers I will pledge to blow some hot air
your way...
warning-it might just be me gloating or kvetching about Motherhood for the second time. I promise to keep it to a minimum.
Here's the inspiration for our Logo and Music.
I can safely say both bands songs(The Partridge Family and Pink Floyd)would make it in my Top 100 Sound Barriers
(as my brothers used to call their favorite songs of all times).
I am curious to know what was everyones first 7 inch single they bought for themselves
(with their own baby sitting money or newspaper route dough).
Uh oh I am going to have to change the settings to allow for comments now!
With A Lot of Love-

Wednesday, November 15, 2006